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Sleep and nutrition

Karen Newby talks about switching up your meals and maintaining optimum nutrition in menopause, and how this can help support your symptoms and improve energy levels. To discover more inspiration, visit Stories.

Stay connected in menopause

Author of The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy and psychosexual therapist, Karin Blak, explains how couples can improve communication and strengthen their relationship in midlife. Discover even more great advice from our experts on Stories.

Menopause and sleeping

For those who experience night sweats and hot flushes, it's important to find ways to cope that work for you. Discover tips, tricks and expert-created products - and for more guidance, visit Stories.

The affect of menopause on children

Journalist Angelina Manzano explores how her menopause journey has affected her family and talks us through the ways she's managed her symptoms in motherhood. For more personal accounts like this, head to Stories.

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