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Pillow fill explained

Whether you're after pressure relief, adaptability, or hypoallergenic features, discover the nuances of different pillow fillings to suit your needs.

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Pillow care tips

Pillow care tip: use a cover

Pillows should be covered with a pillow protector in addition to a decorative pillowcase. These protectors, often with a zip closure, provide you an additional layer between the pillow and pillowcase.

washing and drying

Use a mild detergent and a gentle setting, rinse and spin twice to remove soap and excess water, then dry on low heat. Periodically fluff pillow between cycles and ensure it is thoroughly dry with no lumps or clumps as signs of dampness.

fluff your pillows

Fluffing restores fibres to their original puffy shape and allows the inside of the pillow to absorb fresh air. Whether natural or synthetic, fibres that remain compressed for extended periods can lose their bounce and support.

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