Discover trusted resources to help educate, inform and empower. This is an evolving list and we endeavour to add sites that provide useful support on midlife.

The first port of call for all things menopause. Read about the medical stages and watch Healthtalk videos of women talking about their experiences.

The NICE Guidelines provide a robust selection of information on menopause, including how to diagnose menopause and how to manage symptoms.

A community for women over 40, Henpicked provides support to people across the UK with free resources on their website, alongside a weekly podcast featuring medical experts.

Menopause Friendly is an independent body supported by menopause experts in the UK that promotes best practise across British businesses and recognises ones that demonstrate a commitment to creating a menopause-friendly culture.

The British Menopause Society (BMS) educates, informs and guides healthcare professionals, working in both primary and secondary care, on menopause and all aspects of post-reproductive health.

Led by women's voices, Wellbeing of Women focuses on women's health across the life course. They aim to improve health and wellbeing through research, education and advocacy.