To our wonderful QVC community

As I reflect on 2020, it's been an extraordinary journey for all of us, filled with memorable moments and a wide range of emotions. There were clearly difficult times, as we were abruptly required to adapt to the strange new ways of going about our lives, ways that at times kept us from those we care about most. There were also moments of joy when we finally were able to participate in the once seemingly simple, day-to-day pleasures we often took for granted, serving as a reminder of what is truly important.

What became evident to me was just how important genuine human connection is in our lives, now more than ever. How the power of community, that sense of support, encouragement and togetherness, can lift our spirits and inspire us to discover our best selves… in good times and in the most challenging of circumstances.

We at QVC truly believe that our aim and purpose is to create meaningful connections with our customers, bringing joy and inspiration each and every day. We feel so fortunate and grateful to have such a special community that continues to do the same for us.

Rob Muller, CEO

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