We're taking this outside

Once the days become longer, lighter and a lot less cold, your outdoor area becomes a land of many uses: living room/ kitchen/ dining room/ garden.

From a cup of coffee in the morning to your evening family meal, you can cater for all manner of entertaining by creating a cosy and contemporary outdoor space. Use cushions, throws, candles and lanterns to add warmth and comfort, and let the natural colour from your surrounding plants take centre stage. All that's left for you to do is maintain a well-stocked fridge with snacks, drinks, and barbecue necessities to keep you going until winter.

Making the most of your space

Amongst our selection of garden furniture and decorations, we've got some great picks if you're square-metre-challenged. These handy buys give you the style and substance you're after - in nifty space-saving designs. Head to our blog to find hanging plant pots, compact decorations, and more must-haves to get any garden growing.