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Welcome to a world of convenience and quality for your cooking. Our kitchenware range covers everyday essentials as well as specialised appliances, taking care of everything from your morning tea and toast to ever-challenging Sunday roasts.

Whip up a soup in seconds, serve silky-smooth ice cream, master your dream coffee, and more with this premium collection.

Must-try smoothie recipes

Watch what happened when we teamed up with Nutri Ninja to make two refreshing drinks perfect for summer.

What you'll need…

Sparkling Frozen Sangria
Sparkling rose, frozen berries, oranges, ice
Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie
Skimmed milk, banana, honey, strawberries, oats, ice

Add colour to your counter

Move over stainless steel and chrome, this stylish range of kitchenware tools is bursting with character, offering impressive performance with a fun and fashionable look. From pastel blue to vibrant red, this selection is all about professional-style prep worthy of a pride-of-place display.