Learnings from lagom, happiness from hygge

In recent years, Scandi style has been capturing our interior design imaginations. We've taken aspects of the lagom movement's enjoyment of the 'just enough' and hygge's ethos of 'simple pleasures', and come up with four steps to help you introduce these pure ideologies into your everyday home.

Cosy cocoon

For both Scandi trends, it's not just about how your home looks, but also how it makes you feel.

By layering soft throws and cushions across your sofa, bed and any chairs around your home, you're creating opportunities to read, enjoy a hot drink, or just take five throughout the day.

Fresh décor

When it comes to your home's finishing touches, choose lush faux foliage, sleek ornaments, and contemporary furniture with a rustic edge.

By opting for mirrors and vases with bold silhouettes yet a striking simplicity, you create a clean and calm aesthetic.

All in the ambience

It's easy to see why candles and reed diffusers have made the list.

If you're a candle-convert, you'll already know the calming effect a few lit wicks can make to a room, while reed diffusers provide a constant fragrance.

Classic comfort food

Move over superfood fads, this edit is about delicious food to warm the soul.

The menu is an each-to-their-own affair - if it were up to us, our Scandi kitchen would be well-stocked with hearty homemade pastries, creamy cheese, and indulgent brownies.