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Care for a cuppa?

We're very familiar with this Britual (a.k.a British ritual), but we did wonder what afternoon tea looks like around the world. Some of our international QVC staff were kind enough to reveal the traditions in their corner of the globe.

Kylie, Social Media Assistant

"In South Africa, we generally have tea for guests or after a meal with dessert. We'll serve Melktert (milk tarts with cinnamon) and Koeksusters (traditional fried, sweet pastries) with the tea. Our biscuit of choice is a rusk!"

Sara, Merchandiser

"As lovers of coffee, in Italy we don’t have a real tradition when it comes to tea. When we do enjoy tea, it is with sugar and/or lemon. A favourite side is an amoretti soft almond biscuit."

Ayesha, Copywriter

"In Pakistan, we put our twist on British traditions with our High Tea buffets, featuring finger foods such as tiny sandwiches, samosas and cakes, plus a sweet, spicy and tangy dish called Dahi Barhay, and an array of teas."

Sonia, Designer

"In France we enjoy drinking black tea in salons de thé (tea houses) where we have thé en vrac (loose leaf tea) served with a slice of cake or a small pastry, like macarons, financiers, or millefeuilles."