Thompson & Morgan Monstera Deliciosa in 11cm Pot

Thompson & Morgan Monstera Deliciosa in 11cm Pot
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This Thompson & Morgan Monstera Deliciosa plant is also known as the Swiss cheese plant and features lustrous, dark green, heart-shaped leaves with their characteristic splits; holes will appear as the leaves grow to create a palm-like effect. With maturity it forms a large, architectural display that makes a superb focal point for a bright room such as large entrance halls, conservatories and larger living spaces.
  • Flowering period: non-flowering plant
  • Plant position: dappled shade
  • Soil type: evenly moist compost
  • Mature plant (h x w): 2.5m x 2.5m (8' 3" x 8' 3")

  • 1 x Monstera Deliciosa potted plant

Growing instructions:
  • Monstera is an adaptable plant, growing happily in average room temperatures of 18C (65F) to 24C (75F), away from cold draughts and radiators
  • A brightly lit room, well away from direct sunlight is ideal, however it can cope with less light which will slow its growth
  • When positioning this plant, do consider its rapid growth rate and ultimate size to ensure that it is given sufficient space to grow
  • Water Monstera regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between each watering
  • House plants should be fed regularly between March and September when they are in active growth
  • Monstera appreciates a humid atmosphere - stand it on a tray filled with pebbles and water
  • As the water evaporates it will increase humidity around the plant
  • Misting the foliage daily with a fine spray will also help to improve humidity
  • Monstera can grow to large proportions over just a few years
  • Where necessary, cut back stems to contain it within the available space
  • This plant is best trained onto a moss pole to keep it tidy

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