Thompson & Morgan Calatheas Roseopicta 12cm Pot x1

Thompson & Morgan Calatheas Roseopicta 12cm Pot x1
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A Calathea Roseopicta potted house plant from Thompson & Morgan boasting exotic foliage that is intricately patterned in silver and green, with bold purple-pink undersides. Native to tropical forests, it is best grown in a warm room with good humidity such as a bright kitchen, conservatory or bathroom, and will form a clump of lush foliage with an open, upright habit that makes a fine feature for your home.
  • 1 x Calatheas Roseopicta in a 12cm (4.7") pot - mature size: 60cm x 60cm (24" x 24")

Cultural instructions:

  • Position Calathea in a warm room away from cold draughts and radiators, with a constant temperature above 16C (60F)
  • Average room temperatures of 18C (65F) - 24C (75F) are preferable
  • Calathea require a bright but lightly shaded spot, well away from the direct glare of the sun
  • Water Calathea freely between spring and autumn using tepid rainwater where possible, and allowing the pot to drain well after each watering
  • In winter, reduce watering but do not allow the compost to completely dry out
  • Feed regularly between March and September when active in growth
  • Calathea appreciates a humid atmosphere - stand it on a tray filled with pebbles and water
  • As the water evaporates it will increase humidity around the plant

Delivered directly from Thompson & Morgan: please allow 7 - 10 working days for delivery to UK mainland only (including Northern Ireland and islands)

All measurements are approximate
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