Thompson& Morgan Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Fly Trap) 9cm Pot x3

Thompson& Morgan Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Fly Trap) 9cm Pot x3
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A trio of Dionaea muscipula from Thomson & Moragn, also know as the Venus Fly Trap, boastsing wide open 'traps', promising nectar to unsuspecting insects and flies that land on these traps and are caught. These intriguing house plants may not be the prettiest, but they will certainly make a talking point, and are an absorbing subject to learn about.


  • 3 x Venus Fly Trap 9cm (3.5") nursery pots - mature size (h x w): 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8")

Cultural instructions:
  • Grow Venus Fly Traps in plenty of bright light, with at least four hours of full sun per day
  • They require a frost-free position such as a cool conservatory, porch, or bright room indoors with a temperature of 15C (60F) - 32C (90F)
  • Avoid watering from above, water regularly using a water tray throughout the growing season
  • Always use rainwater or distilled water, as carnivorous plants are particularly sensitive to the chemicals contained in tap water
  • Venus Fly Traps do not need feeding - they will catch all of the food that they need themselves
  • In autumn, Venus Fly Traps become dormant and the compost should be kept just moist
  • Resume watering, when plants start into growth again
  • During winter Dionaea plants require a temperature of around 5C

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