Table Top Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet by Lori Greiner

Table Top Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet by Lori Greiner
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Lori Greiner mirrored table top jewellery cabinet. This oval-shaped, rotating cabinet is lined with Silver SafeKeeper anti-tarnish fabric, and features three shelves and numerous hooks so you can house up to 140 pieces of jewellery in one compact space. Organise and care for your cherished items with this Lori Greiner jewellery cabinet.

One side of the mirrored cabinet stores necklaces and bracelets with the other storing earrings, rings, pins, cuffs and watches.

Lori’s special Silver SafeKeeper anti-tarnish lining will help protect your jewellery from tarnishing for up to 25 years and is safe for storing all jewellery types.

  • 2 x mirrored doors

  • 3 x shelves for easy viewing of your cuffs, pins and watches

  • 18 x necklace hooks that can hold up to 36 necklaces

  • 12 x bracelet hooks that can hold up to 24 bracelets

  • 8 x earring bars that hold up to 40 pairs of earrings (both pierced and clip on)

  • 22 x rings slots

  • Jewellery cabinet (h x w x d): 50cm x 23.5cm x 14cm (20" x 9.3" x 5.5")

  • Base diameter: 17.5cm (6.8")

  • No assembly necessary

All measurements are approximate

Reviews & Customer Q&A

Table Top Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet by Lori Greiner - 760390 2.4 5 52 52
Good innovation I had been wondering whether to purchase this table top jewellery cabinet for some time. I had managed to see a demo on the QVC US site earlier this year as missed online/tv. Only had the one choice in stock (black) when I ordered but decided to take the plunge despite reading several rather bad reviews of this product. Well mine was delivered in 6 days and the packaging was pristine, the contents perfect, no scratches, marks, etc. I was a bit dubious about space but looking online it did appear to be perfect for pendants on chains so no tangling up when hanging as some small jewellery-style small wardrobe cabinets do. Well I managed to sift through all my silver earrings and found I had no problem fitting the drops in that were not noticeably long (I do not wear studs) and no problem closing the door to the earring/ring side. I managed to get nearly all my silver rings in as used the little compartments below the ring holder as I only own 1 silver and 1 fashion bracelet. I have managed to hang perfectly well all my silver chains (majority 16 inches in length) with pendants and chunkier silver chains/necklaces I've put them where the hinge sides are and tucked into the pockets. It has actually fit all my silver chains in and I do have quite a lot collected over the years. I am using the cabinet daily and my only gripe would be there was a slightly better notch or maybe a small handle to open the case each side when closed as I am finding that the magnetic fastenings are actually very strong but hey, I think that is probably a good point! I can see this cabinet being with me for many many years plus I've never had a freestanding mirror on a dressing table before so for me this is a great boon with having the mirrors. October 31, 2012
Dissapointed The concept of this was excellent. If the stand had been square it may have sat better on the dressing table. As I was giving this to my daughter in law as a gift I found it a bit embarrassing with it being plastic. It would have been nicer if it was wooden. Being ever grateful for anything that I give her she seemed quite happy with it but would never say otherwise. Hence me giving it 2 stars. Sorry Lori. September 07, 2012
very practical I bought this item as a TSV last year and I have been using it almost every day ever since. I have tons of jewellery and I bought this for my stud earrings and small necklaces and I am really pleased as I get to wear more of my jewellery now that it is well organised. I understand the bad reviews as this jewellery box is clearly designed for STUD earrings and small bracelets/necklaces and nothing else so if you don't have any don't buy this. I have a few items from lori Greiner and I am hoping to buy the bigger jewellery box when it is back in stock. I would also love to have a nail polish organiser from Lori as well as I have so many and nowhere to store them. April 28, 2012
very poor quality thie is the worst item i have received from qvc, door does not close, too much hastle to send back, would not buy another lori g product, can't believe that qvc would expect people to buy items of this poor quality January 13, 2012