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L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 100ml

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L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 100mlL'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 100ml

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L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 100ml

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L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7. This exquisite scent has been made especially for QVC and boasts a spicy floral fragrance made up of a winning combination of cinnamon, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and many more handpicked ingredients. Envelope your skin in the heady scent of Mon Numero 7.


  • 1 x Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 L Artisan Mon Numero7 (100ml) – designed especially for QVC

  • Top notes: saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, mandarin and star anise
  • Heart notes: incense, jasmine, chai tea and tuberose
  • Base notes: vetiver, sandalwood, gaiac wood

Delivered to UK only
L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 7 100ml - 202122 3.9 5 14 14
Seasonal I've been wearing this fragrance now since it arrived as it suits the Autumn Winter months. Initial notes on my skin(male) are cardamon and a smoky tea which dies down to a woody scent after a while. Im a huge fan of L'Artisan products and purchasing them of QVC is a no brainer really- you can't go into the L'Artisan buy the product, use it for 30 days and then take it back if it doesn't suit- thank you QVC October 30, 2013
Hot cross bun?!? This opens with a hefty dose of spiced mandarin, rich with cinnamon and what smells to me of clove. I get a distinct impression of hot cross bun which is rather pleasant actually. After a few mins the incense and tea bring a smoky but not quite bitter note to hover under the spices. The dry down is slightly woody, but still spice lead which I love. My skin seems to amplify these spiced and woody notes in any perfume so this worked especially well for me. What I didn't get at all anywhere in here was anything floral, not the vaguest hint, which for me is brilliant. Undoubtedly unisex, this is rich and warm rather than sweet and totally different to anything I've come across on the high street. After 6 hours, I can still catch the occasional waft of the base woods, so no longevity issues for me. I do tend to apply sparingly though and prefer to re apply at the 4 hour mark. The silage wont overpower anyone in close proximity, and I have successfully worn this to work even in the recent hot weather. All in all, this is a winner, I just wish it was half the price! August 06, 2013
NOT SURE Perfume arrived today, was looking forward to opening.Had a little spray in the air and thought I would try it on my arm.Very overpowering. More a mans perfume I think, too strong for me, will be returning and will not buy perfume from shopping channels again. Made a mistake this time as we all have different opinions of what smells good on ourselves.Will return January 29, 2013
Subtle, warmly spiced. A 'quiet' perfume. My resolve not to spend so much on a perfume that I had not had the chance to try and wear before buying, diminished sufficiently for me to order when I saw it on 4 easy payments recently. I had done some research online first, and learned a little about the creator (the man behind Nuit de Tuberose also by L'artisan Parfumeur and which is a favourite of mine) and a little of the story behind the numbered fragrances, of which this is number 7. I loved the fact that you can only buy this particular fragrance on QVC as it makes it that much more exclusive. When it arrived, I eagerly unpacked and then tried the fragrance. The top notes are quite spicy but in a subtle way - I could smell the cinnamon but not in an overpowering way. I was reminded of lightly spiced cinnamon buns warmed from the oven. This gave way to a sense of chai tea, ever so slightly smoky (I also have 'Tea for Two' from L'artisan and there seems to be some similarity in the middle notes of both fragrances). There is definately a unisex edge to this fragrance, not entirely masculine, but I can imagine it being worn successfully by both men and women. Over the next few days of wearing Numero 7 the overall experience was of wearing a very subtle, warmly spiced perfume, one that spoke quietly and reminded me of cosy weekends, soft, cashmere clothing and nothing to do but relax (I wish!!). It is definately not a vibrant, powerful or outspoken fragrance in my opinion and I wouldn't wear for a night out by choice, but then there are many other perfumes to choose if that's what you want. It wears very close to the skin and isn't especially long-lasting and to be honest, I struggled to notice it after a few hours. Rather I was left with a more 'soapy' smell on my wrist, more the memory of the fragrance than the fragrance itself if that makes any sense! Although I really liked this perfume I returned Numero 7. It was just too subtle on my skin to warrant the price. It definately could have had a place in my 'wardrobe' of fragrances, but I struggled to justify the expense for a perfume that didn't make more of a statement or have that 'edge' that I was looking for. But, if you are happy with the outlay for a subtle, in some ways 'distinguished' perfume, then this may be just for you! January 25, 2013

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